Wednesday, June 13, 2007

WiP-It Wednesday

God, has it been a week? It's been a long week. All good, I assure you, just long. Here are my birdies!They are all grown up now and fly away when I try to take their picture, so this is the best I can get. I made several attempts, but it ended up with me running around my patio in my PJs, chasing a bird. God, I need a job....

Oh, wait, I HAVE ONE!!!! Yes, I finally have an income. I am now working at Barnes and Noble, which is just a little less dangerous than working in a yarn shop. It's a fun icome and I am glad that I can finally have one of those....not that being a dancing monkey-slave (chemistry grad student) wasn't a blast. My only slight frustration is that now I actually have to dress the part. For those not in the know, as a grad student I was lucky to go to school in pants that didn't have chemical holes in them.

Speaking of reading....and it being Wednesday....I've been

Reading this, this, and this.....

Watching....wait for the rental........

And here is what I have been WiP-ing:These are Squares 6-9 of my Larger than Life Bag. Yes, I did the first 5 in a day and these 4 in a week. I have a reason, but that's for later.

I got into a slight finishing kick, so I WiP-ed these out, which are now my travelling sock:These would be my January socks from Socktopia. I got a little distgruntled with them and they got put in time-out for a while. They are now in my purse and have become my travelling knitting. I have about 1.5" left before I start decreasing for the toe and they will be done.

And then I get to cast-on...and here I need some help. I have caught the knitting disease known as Ravelry. This has caused me to come down with a HUGE influx of ideas of projects that I must complete. I have narrowed my next sock project down to 2: Hedera and Monkey. Of course, these have been on my list, but they drastically moved to the head of the line when I saw all of the Monkeys done in Lorna's Laces and Tasha's Hederas in Claudia Handpaint.

Not to worry, these WILL EVENTUALLY get done, but I am having trouble deciding which one first. Here are some choices:

For Monkey:Lorna's Laces Shepard Sock in (L-R) Argyle, Flames, Daffodil, Watercolor, and Amish.

For Hedera,Claudia Handpaint in (T-B) Purple Earth, Chocolate Cherry, and Ocean Depth.

Please leave a comment with a suggestion. You know I can't make a decision by myself! :-P


Jennifer said...

for monkey..i say the watercolor. you can't have too much color variation b/c then you can't see the monkey pattern!!! :)

Bezzie said...

Love the colors on your traveling sock!

Hee hee, hubby the scientis is the only one NOT wearing a suit on the train in the morning. I don't know what he'd do if he found a job where he had to dress more than casual!

weezalana said...

YAY! Congrats on the new job! :)

Hmmm, let's see... for Monkey, Flames jumps out at me. It's gorgeous and bright and will show off the pattern fabulously. For Hedera, I'm going to say Ocean Depths. It has enough variegation to keep it interesting, but isn't so contrasty as to obscure the lace.

Liz G. said...

Monkey in FLAMES would be awesome! And Hedera in Ocean Depth.