Wednesday, June 20, 2007

WiP it Out!

...but they aren't coming out. :-P

I thought about photographing my current WiPs, but they haven't changed much since you last saw them, and that would just be boring. But, if you really want to know:

- The Flaming Monkeys have 2 repeats done. This is my purse knitting so it gets done, well, when it gets done.

- Lizzie's dress has gained about 3/4"...and that was alot of knitting. I am hoping that I will finish it before she grows out of it. No big worry...she is tall and skinny, traits that some of us/I weren't born with.

- The Larger that Life bag is hibernating for a bit because I am going to start a new crochet project, the Molly Weasley Sleeves.

I actually don't think that I have mentioned this, but I got a job at Barnes and Noble. It's hard, but fun in that lovely nerdy sort of way that is me. And at all bookstores everywhere, a nice little event is coming up: the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. (BTW, if you have never seen the likes of a Harry Potter party, esp. at a B&N, and aren't doing anything late on July 20th, just drive by. It's insane.)

So, since I am employed again and have a nice, nerdy venue, I am hoping to have these done for the party. Yes, I will be working, but it will be fun, none the less.

Remind me of that July 21 when I am seriously cranky at 4am.

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Jennifer said...

congrats on the new job!!! :)