Tuesday, June 05, 2007


First, I give you an obligatory birdie shot:I have come to adopt these little birdies, seeing as I don't really have to take care of them! It still amazes me that a bird made a nest and laid eggs in one of my hanging plants. My bonus: free fertilizer for my plant. So far, it is still contained in the pot, but we will see how long that lasts.

Okay, back on topic. I spent the last several days at my parents house in Oklahoma, hence the title, but I must give some background. Growing up, we moved up and down the Midwest and at one point, spent 6 months living in Oklahoma. For me, that was 7 months too long. Oklahoma and I severely dislike eachother. Many things happened between us and at this point it's just a given.....until recently.

My parents go to Tulsa quite often and what does a knitter do in a new city? Find a yarn shop. Enter Oklahoma's peace offering to me: Loops, a yarn store. It is a wonderful shop on Utica square, which is a wonderful setup of shopping and dining...I recommend The Wild Fork, but I digress.

Back to Loops...I walked in and immediately knew I would like this place. They have beautiful yarn displays and a great amount of seating. Upon closer inspection, I saw all kinds of lovely yarns like Alchemy, Debbie Bliss, Rowan, Blue Sky Alpaca....and Koigu. Okay, you must understand something. I have never seen Koigu in a shop, only online and I have a lone skein that Momma Monkey lovingly gifted me. I seriously thought I was going to hyperventlate. So...much....pretty....yarn!!!

As my Mommy and I walked around and I began to check things out, she kept seeing things, and petty things and saying "Oohh, that's soft" and "Ah that's pretty!" Folks, this place will even effect the non-knitters. We almost left with some Panda Cotton that she picked out, but decided against it since she thought that I already had too much on my list, including her Clessedria socks. Practicality won out.

Unfortunately, I did not buy anything, but that is only because of my employment status. I guarentee you that had I a job, I would have done some SERIOUS damage. But don't worry, Loops folks, I will return.


Elizabeth said...

WOW - thanks for the yarn store review! We lived in Tulsa for many years and will be up there again in a few weeks to visit friends. I feel a field trip coming on!!! :)

Bezzie said...

Hee hee, I guess finding koigu in the wild is like finding a baby bird nursery in your hanging plants huh?

chemgrrl said...

You showed amazing restraint. Pat yourself on the back for that.

The birdies are so cute!

K8 said...

I lived in Oklahoma for 17 years (not too far from Tulsa) - if only I'd been a knitter then! I know where to go when I visit friends then :)

weezalana said...

I admire your restraint! I'd have walked out with that Panda! ;)