Sunday, October 29, 2006

Happy Halloween Week!!!

I am sure that most of you have gotten your Halloween candy for all the little some extra that will be left over so you will "have" to eat it!

You may have noticed a few changes here. I have finally gotten around to posting my project least the ones I will admit to. They include progress bars and pictures of the current work (you have to click the link!)

Everything is progressing nicely...except for poor Icarus. He's been getting neglected lately. I guess that is what happens during holiday time. I have been getting busy planning/starting the holiday knitting.

My gifts to me this year are two felted bags, the PG Bag and the Kerry Bag. The Kerry Bag originated as a kit which my friend Kerry and I both bought so that she could learn how to knit. Now it has become my new casino purse, since it will be nice and small. My PG bag (for purple and green) developed after the crazy Michael's sale a few weeks ago...the Knittyheads know what I am talking about! It was to be my first felted project and, well, who couldn't use another project bag. Hey, I am a bag-lady, what can I say?!?

As for non-knitting news, some of you knew that I was going to change advisors. That officially occurred last week...hey, check the website. My new advisor is Dr. Michael Richmond and I will be doing a little more organic chemistry than I was before...which is fine. It feels more along the lines of what I did at Austin College.

The powers that be finally hired a NMR Manager. I still ahven't met him yet, but he is supposed to start Nov. 1. I have been told that the new NMR is ordered and should arrive the first of the year.


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Laura said...

so, a chem grad student, huh? I did that once. Good luck to you.

nice work on the spinning. Looks quite good for a beginner.