Monday, October 09, 2006

I made yarn!!! I know that this may seem simplistic (or that maybe I could buy it at the store), but making your own yarn is quite satisfying. It is, of course, not like any store-bought yarn, but that is what is unique about it. I love it!! The was done with some silk hankies that I got from The Yarn Tree. I generally followed the instructions given in the Knitty article. I found it very self-explanatory. here are the visuals...

Here is my makeshift lazy kate. Yes, mom, I know I need a pedicure!! :-) Took the whole knitting needles in a shoebox to knitting needles in between my toes. Hey, I was desperate to ply...gimmie a break.

Here is my plied yarn on my niddy noddy and a close-up. I happen to think that for my first spinning effort, this has turned out to be quite a useful yarn! Granted, the singles are lumpy, but the greatly even out in the plying.

I am planning on dyeing this yarn Koolaid style. If anyone has any suggestions, I would welcome them.

As for future ventures, I have obtained some roving when I got my spindle, from The Yarn Tree, and from a Dallas weaving store, White Rock Weaving. I was impressed with both establishments and would recommend them both.
At the bottom is actually a silk weaving thread in oranges, greens, and purples. It is a laceweight thread that I just fell in love with and I thought it would make a beautiful shawl, maybe and Icarus shawl. We will have to see, when I finish my first one!!

My aunt, who is married to someone in the wool business, plans to hook my up with some roving that she has. I will post as soon as it is spun, etc. Happy Knitting!!

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String Bean said...

Great handspun! Are you going to dye it?

You have family in the wool business? Lucky! :P