Sunday, April 06, 2008

Such a nice smell......the little that I can smell........

I have a hazard at work. It can be somewhat avoided, but at some point, it happens to everyone. Oh the books, the books....I see a ridiculous amount on various subjects. It gets worse when you come across a book you have actually wanted to look at.

The only non-knitting magazine that I routinely read is Real Simple. It is conveniently delivered to my mailbox and I am never disappointed with the contents. It has great recipes, organization and cleaning tips, different uses for random items, and "product comparisons." I got intrigued when they started to advertise a cleaning book that was coming out. Working at a bookstore, I got intrigued.

I took it with me on my lunch break one day....and then again the next day.....and again the next. Usually if I keep going back to a book, that probably means that I like it more than a passing fancy. If you ever get a chance to take a peek, I recommend it. This is both for cleaners and non-cleaners, 'cause I was definitely a non-cleaner.

Seriously, I have a serious aversion to cleaning....or more like keeping things picked up. In fact, those that have seen my apartment are astonished that I am recommending a cleaning book.

Well, they should see it now!! Well, at least the kitchen and living room. Today was my first real day off in a while. Well, the first one in a while were I didn't have anything planned. It was even the perfect day for it. It's sunny, 72 degrees, and there is a back-to-back-to-back Lord of the Rings Trilogy marathon on today.

It even smells clean...well, what I can smell. You see, it has been a while since I have really cleaned like this and well, there's a bit of dust. Dust makes the nose stuffy.

Lesson I learned today: Per my new cleaning book, I used a seam ripper on the brush on my vacuum. It is WONDERFUL at getting off hair, yarn, roving, etc., that has gotten wrapped around the brush head. You just slice down one side and it comes right off.

Also, your vacuum doesn't work as well when it has had the same bag in it since you got, 5 years ago?!? Yeah, like I said, I wasn't much of a cleaner.


Nell said...

That seam ripper trick is genius!

Also, if you need more cleaning to do, feel free to stop by! ;)

Jen Da Purse Ho said...

OOOH that seam ripper trick sounds awesome. :)

You and I are peas in a pod when it comes to cleaning. I'm moving out of my apartment now and it's SO SO SO DUSTY!! i get so sneezy when i am moving and cleaning and then i think "how the hell did i LIVE HERE?" i'm making amends and plan on keeping the house clean as a whistle. I need to invite people over so i am forced to clean. :) hahahah.

this books looks awesome, btw. i love real simple :D

chemgrrl said...

I'm not so much into the cleaning either. Wanna come over? I've got lots and lots of good dust for you to have a crack at! I won't even charge you for it! :)

Miss Knotty said...

That sounds great! I'll have to check it out (being a not-great-cleaner myself) - for the record, Electrolux vacuums that are from the vaccuuming-in-your-pearls-and-pumps days actually do still work great, when properly maintained. I have a June Cleaver Electrolux Canister that has to be 40 years old if it's a day, and it gets the job done! Hurrah for old electrics that work! (and for Thrift Stores in which to find such gems!)

Miss Knotty said...

Okay. I bought the book. I'm starting to feel a little OCD about my house now. I know what I'll be doing this saturday (along with meeting my box-packing quota) - cleaning cleaning cleaning! I love the handy little 'do in 10 minutes' segments and the 'how to make your not-clean room look clean buahahaha' tips! And the Cleaning calendar. OH the cleaning calendar.

On my way to buy a caddy and supplies,
the turning-over-a-new-leaf Miss Knotty. Truly!