Monday, August 06, 2007

Poisoned Apples

It just seemed appropriate that the day after I read about these "poisoned apples" in Drums of Autumn, I would get to show you this:
Yep, the first one! It will be quite tasty on my salad tonight....or it just may get eaten by itself. I have two others that are still growing, one of them already bigger than this one. This would probably be the only one, if it weren't for the VERY mild and wet summer we have had down here. We haven't even hit 100 degrees yet, according to the weatherman. For the non-Texans, we should have had about a month of days at 100 degrees, just to give you an idea.

Yes, yes, the knitting. Unfortunately, I don't have anything to show! Most of the stuff on the needles is "gift knitting" and can't be displayed quite yet.

I did get the new VK and IK this weekend, thanks to Mom (best birthday gift!). This is the 25th anniversary issue for VK. There were a few nice patterns, but nothing that really jumped out at me. There was a couple of articles that were interesting, including an interview session of knitters from "back in the day" and those that are popular today. Okay, well, they are ALL popular today, but you know what I mean. It was a really cool read.

IK did have a few patterns that I liked, including one, to which I exclaimed out loud:I love me some Fair Isle. And seriously, what Texas doesn't need a Fair Isle wool sweater?


Bezzie said...

Gah, I have tomato envy now.

It's supposed to hit 100 tomorrow here. I left TX partly because I hated the hot weather--WTF? I'm jinxed!!!

Jen Da Purse Ho said...


it's supposed to be 100 tomorrow? ACK! WHY GOD WHY!!?

Julie in Texas said...

It has been since before children since I grew a tomato that pretty. I have come to decide I can't nurture children and plants at the same time!

I hope it was as good as it looks.

Di said...

I hope the tomato was tasty and I love the sweater too - although the fair isle would scare the life out of me!!