Friday, June 20, 2008

New Year's Day Curse

Want to guarantee something won't happen, like say trying to blog more? Make it a New Year's Resolution. That's sure to nip it in the bud. So, since it has been a while, that makes for a long post. I'll at least lead you in with some good knitterly content: my adventures from World-Wide Knit-In-Public (WWKIP) Day.

That Saturday morning, both Diana and I had to work for a few hours and the ol' B&N. Diana was wonderful promoting our National Holiday. We even got a coworker to make out with some yarn!
Okay, small tangent (you knew it was coming). The night before, say around 10pm I finally decide to get my stuff together for the next day. I start sorting through projects...and more projects.....and I realize, I do not have a portable, mindless project on the needles. That's ok....I'll pick out some sock yarn that I wanted to just make some plain socks out of. Also, I wanted some done toe-up for me. (Why did I not take my mom's socks? Well, me and the calf increases still aren't speaking to each other. I would just end up making a scene.) I cast on toe-up with the crochet CO, got it started and put it in the bag, after about 4 rows.

Okay, so back to WWKIP day. Diana and I get ready to head south to pick up Kristina and meet up with the other Rockstars. I reach for my knitting bag for the directions to her house. Didn't bring that bag. Schnikes!! That's okay....I'll just call her. Forgot my phone. Double schnikes!! So much for leaving straight from work.

After a small detour to my apartment, we head down south, pick up Kristina, and head to north Dallas where we go to hop on the DART rail to head downtown. That was our big thing for WWKIP day. We were going to take mass transportation for as much of the day as we could. The DART lines don't quite reach up to us, so we had to drive a little ways. Not only is it "good for the environment", it's good for the wallet.

Okay, so this is my first time on a train of any kind, so this was an experience for me. I grew up out in West Texas where the term "Mass Transportation" involved the back of someone's pick-up. I would have to say, I absolutely loved it! If I lived a little farther south, I would be using it every day. As we wait on our train, we, obviously, pullout our knitting. I'm going along when I realize.....I really need to go down a needle size.....badly. Triple schnikes!!! We still hadn't left the car yet, so I run and get my emergency knitting out of the car. If you want to know, it constitutes of a pair of US 19 needles, a skein of Homespun wrapped into a double stranded ball, CO 10 stitches, K till you run outta yarn. Perfect scarf. Plus, I tell myself, we are stopping by a LYS, I could pick up some needles later.

After our train ride, we met up with the other Rockstars for lunch at the Trinity Hall Pub.Apparently, I should have just skipped work and gone straight to the Pub because Dawn had earmarked several cute European soccer fans, but they left right before we got there. Damn...

After we were done eating and drinking (of which I did none, for which I was thankful for later), we hopped back on the train to head to The Shabby Sheep. This involved taking the train to the only underground trainstop, taking two very long escalators topside, where happened to be about 10 feet from the freeway. Completely freaked Dawn out. We then headed over to the spot where we were going to hop on a trolley. And these were originally trolley's folks. It was awesome.From here, we walked to The Shabby Sheep. Now, we were originally under the assumption that it was 2 blocks from the trolley stop. Oh not so....try about Texas. And being in Texas, most of us are in flip-flops. So, once we got to the shop, the shop owner took one look and got us all some water. It was wonderful. So I got my US0 for my socks when I saw it. I had searched for the perfect shade of it and never really found one I liked enough to buy. Meet my future My-So-Called Scarf.My first Manos. I seriously couldn't have left this there if I tried.....and I did. Didn't happen.

After we left the shop, we lost a few Rockstars to a cab back to the station, but others of us were on a mission. We headed down to the Dallas Museum of Art in search of a statue. We searched high and low, even had to stop and take a knitting/water break.Then we began to search and search. And with some help from the DMA, we found it.We loved the accuracy of the statue: the unlady-like posture, the multiple bags she carries, and the fact that she had multiple projects in said bag. It was a good end of the day.


Bezzie said...

I love the statue! What a great end to the day!

Nell said...

The unladylike posture is key. I love it!

weezalana said...

OMG, that statue is hilarious! Love it!

Miss Knotty said...

OH MY GOSH!! Love it!!! :) that's so great. I'm jealous of your day!! Well, maybe next year.

Miss K

Val S. said...

Yes yes yes! The emergency knitting! I have this in my car also! The same! Hand spun, size 10 needles and whatever becomes of it, becomes of it! I love your blog, just found it and will read it as often as you post it!