Monday, December 15, 2008

The Mother of All Posts

Man, I am a blogging slacker. Many other kinds of slackers too, but my blogging seems to be the worst. Almost three months and not a word and I left you with so many things to come! Well, the end of the year is coming to a close, so I figure I better wrap it up. There is moving, knitting, family and sudden realizations to come.

So, I made it to Oklahoma. Um...yeah. We'll just leave it at that. Moving on! Most of my stuff is either unpacked or in storage. The only things I kept out of storage were my yarn/fiber, clothes, and a selection of books. I, oops, sorry, I mean, my mom limited me to one six-foot bookcase. The only thing that contends for space in my realm is yarn and books. They are at constant battle. The knitting book shelves is an interesting boundary.

While I have been unpacking, putting yarn back into it's loving spots among plastic drawers and bins, it really, and truly hit me. I have officially hit SABLE status. For the non-fiber folks, that stands for Stash Acquired Beyond Life Expectancy. That means that if I never (hah!) bought yarn again and just knit from what I have, I would not run out before I died. I have sat and looked at all the money that's locked up in the yarn and it is quite baffling. "Yes, my 8 little balls of cashmere. I know you were 50% off and to pass you up would have been a sin against the knitting gods, but when will I ever get to you?" Yeah, I talk to my yarn, what of it?!?

To counter-act that, let's look at some actual knitting that was accomplished. So remember what I was doing this time last year? Yeah, so that was apparently the start of a trend.
Yep, another one....actually, two but the other one is still on the needles. We just won't talk about it, shall we? Luckily, I got to pick the yarn so knitting this one didn't actually kill me. I got me some nice Cascade 220 and went to work. This one is for my cousin's new wife. They were just married last month. I really enjoyed this one and I think it turned out really well. However, I was definitely freaking out when it got a bath, saying "Please don't let the red bleed, please don't let the red bleed..." And it did, but only on to the white towel I had it drying on. Interesting, no? A towel can be bleached. White parts of a stocking cannot.

More to come....