Friday, July 11, 2008

Verbal Expletives

I seem to be in a funk. A knitting funk. Thus, the lack of knitting content lately. I had a nice knitting day with my friend Becky and actually started to progress a bit on a baby sweater for one that's due in August. Figured I should get going on it.That would be the EZ February Sweater being done in CottonTots. I do like the pattern....probably make the adult version someday.

So I'm at the Rockstar meetup on Tuesday, planning on finishing the second sleeve. Had to keep the little the mojo I had going. So I do finish the second sleeve that night and sit back to admire my work. This is the point at which I came very close to a very loud verbal expletive in the middle of a public place.

I had forgot to increase the 14 stitches on my sleeve.


So, I pick out the bind off, put it back on the needles, wind up the yarn and put it in the bag. It's still sitting there. It's in time out. It's been naughty.